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Our manufacturing facilities are accredited to the ISO 22000:2005 quality standard. Click here to see our certificate.
In addition, we fully comply with all relevant legislation and have a robust HACCP-based quality management systems encompassing all elements of Good Manufacturing Practice. We place Feed Safety as our top priority, so you can have faith in the product we make for your business.

We can provide full traceability for every batch we make, whether it’s 1kg or 5000kg! In addition, we operate a strict set of ‘carryover rules’ to ensure that your product is not contaminated with an incompatible material that was made previously in our plant. We know that a small amount of our product can be present in a large amount of your product, so we aim for perfection!

All ingredients are source-assured against specifications from certified producers, such as FAMI-QS, GMP+, FSSC 22000 and FEMAS. In addition, suppliers of key raw materials are personally visited by a member of Trinity staff.

Full Traceability

Feed Safety

Quality Assured


We can offer the petfood manufacturer distinct advantages due to the unique design of our production plant.

  • Flexibility – we can handle a wide variety of products, liquid or powder, as well as handle a large rnage of particle sizes in a dry mix.
  • Accuracy – we achieve very high levels of mix homogeneity, with minimal product degradation.
  • Small Runs – we have no MOQ!
  • High-Care – every production batch receives the personal touch, with an emphasis on accuracy and absolutely minimal cross-contamination between batches.
  • Responsiveness – we typically have much shorter lead-times than our competitors.
  • Hygiene – to eliminate unwanted or potentially hazardous cross-contamination, we can easily perform full clean-downs, wet or dry.

We have a variety of mixers and packing machinery to suit a wide range of Powder and Liquid formulations, including a special liquid addition system in to our main powder mixer. Production runs from 1 bag to a full container load!

Packing Formats

Dry Products

From 5kg stitched bags to 1200kg totes.

Liquid Products

20kg drums to 1000kg IBC. Smaller packs by arrangement.


For a customer’s own formulations, we can pack in your own-brand packaging or generic plain, it’s your choice.

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